Quick Biology 10X Chromium Single Cell Sequencing

Single cell analysis enables researchers to gain novel insights across a diverse set of research areas, including developmental biology, tumor heterogeneity and disease pathogenesis and progression. It permits a comparison of the genomics, transcriptomes, epigenome of individual cells and allows assessment of similarities and differences within a population of cells.  The 10x Genomics' Chromium Single Cell system is the single-cell profiling platform enabling the analysis of large cell numbers at the highest capture efficiency (of up to 65%). Its technology partitions reactions into nanoliter-scale droplets containing uniquely barcoded beads called GEMs (Gel Bead-In EMulsions). This core technology can be used to partition single cells or high molecular DNA to prepare next generation sequencing libraries in parallel. 

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Quick Biology’s 10x Genomics' Chromium single cell service enables the reliable investigation of the Single Cell genomics, transcriptomic, epigenomics with minimal bias. We are able to deliver a complete solution for:

      - Single Cell Genomics (Copy Number Variation, scCNV)

      - Single Cell Transcriptomics (3' and 5' Gene Expression Profiling, and T/B cells Immune Profiling) with Cell Surface Protein Detection (Better implementation of published methods like CITE-Seq or REAP-Seq) and CRISPR Screening

      - Single Cell Epigenomics (Chromatin Accessibility, scATAC-seq)

Quick Biology 10x Genomics' Chromium single cell workflow:

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Starting from cells or DNA, we follow High-throughput automated barcoding and library construction to generate Illumina-ready libraries to be sequenced on our NovaSeq 6000 or HiSeq 4000. The resulting short-read NGS output files are fed into 10X Genomics’ analysis pipelines for reports and visualization.

The 10X Chromium system applications:


Go beyond traditional gene expression analysis to characterize cell populations, cell types, cell states, and more on a cell-by-cell basis. From assessing tumor heterogeneity and stem cell composition, to dissecting neuronal populations—the technological advancements provided by the Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression Solution, along with turnkey bioinformatics software tools, allow you to maximize insight from any sample type.

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Chromatin organization compacts meters of DNA into the nucleus, making just a small fraction of DNA accessible for transcription within each cell. The Chromium Single Cell Assay for Transposase Accessible Chromatin (ATAC) Solution provides a robust and scalable approach to map the epigenetic landscape at single cell resolution. Using a transposase enzyme to preferentially tag accessible DNA regions with sequencing adaptors, researchers can now generate sequencing-ready libraries and identify open chromatin regions. Our simple, high-throughput workflow, combined with intuitive software, enables understanding of epigenetic and regulatory variation across tens of thousands of cells.

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(3) SINGLE CELL GENE EXPRESSION (scRNA-seq) with Feature Barcoding Technology for Cell Surface Protein

The Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression Solution with Feature Barcoding technology (with Next GEM technology) combines cell surface protein detection with an unbiased readout of each single cell transcriptome. Cell surface proteins serve as biomarkers to help distinguish individual cells. As an alternative to the fluorescent tags used in flow cytometry, Feature Barcoding technology leverages antibodies conjugated to DNA barcodes for single cell sequencing. Barcode diversity vastly expands the number of markers you can analyze per assay and improves cell type resolution. This robust solution allows you to gather highly multiplexed surface marker information in hundreds to tens of thousands of cells. Layer cell surface protein expression data over digital gene expression data, on a cell-by-cell basis, to measure cell surface protein markers and protein isoforms that are difficult to differentiate at the transcript level. These capabilities expand your ability to identify cell types and states, as well as detect rare cell types, all in a single assay at single cell resolution.

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The Chromium Single Cell Immune Profiling Solution is a comprehensive approach to simultaneously examine the cellular context of the immune system and the immune repertoires of hundreds to tens of thousands of T and B cells on a cell-by-cell basis. From immunology and immuno-oncology, to infectious disease research—these technological advancements, along with intuitive software analysis and visualization tools, accelerate the understanding of the adaptive immune system.

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Sample requirements:

·         500 – 80000+ intact cell suspensions from all vertebrate species (e.g., human, mouse, rat, sorted cells, tissue culture cells, cells picked under the microscope or microdissected cells from frozen tissue).

·         Starting with 1 ng of purified DNA

Turnaround time:

About 4-6 weeks, depends on the quality of submitted samples, one additional week for data analysis.

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