Biomarker Discovery

Over the past ten years, biomarker discovery has become important in many aspects of biomedical research, specially drug discovery and development. Many discoveries of biomarkers today greatly play an ever-increasing role in medical diagnostics to help to detect and even predict diseases. Most recently, biomarkers are becoming the foundation of the personalized medicine. For drug development and application of drugs, identifying relevant and important biomarkers is a crucial step. Therefore, nowadays, researchers apply a number of high-throughput molecular profiling technologies for biomarker discovery to make biomedical research, drug discovery process or eventually personalized medicine much quicker and more efficient.


The ability to find novel biomarkers relies on the large-scale data generation and un-biased bioinformatics data analysis. Therefore, Quick Biology's advance service in biomarker discovery can provide you with the following benefits:

1. To find highly specific markers that are easily and quickly translated into laboratory tests and functional validation.

2. To find a novel marker that offers the required specificity with unbiased bioinformatics analysis methods.

3. With our quick validation array, you can quickly validate the biomarkers identified though the high-throughput studies.

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