Next Generation Sequencing

NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) allows us to sequence DNA and RNA much more quickly and cheaply than the previously used Sanger sequencing.  It has revolutionized a variety of research areas such as Genomics, Transcriptomics, and Epigenomics. Quick Biology is a professional NGS service provider and is committed to providing the best value to our customers.  We are equipped with the latest NovaSeq 6000, HiSeq X, HiSeq 4000, two NextSeq500, one MiSeq and one Ion Proton.  

Our Illumina HiSeq 4000 runs twice a week on a routine basis. For each project, we provide:

(1) Fast turnaround time (10-20 business days)

(2) Very competitive price for NGS services such as RNA-Seq, WES, miRNA-seq, ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq, and WGS 

(3) Basic and advanced bioinformatic analysis, including RNA expression, splicing/editing, variant detection, HLA-typing, neoantigens protection and genome assembly  

Recent Publication:

Schlieve, C. R., Fowler, K. L., Thornton, M., Huang, S., Hajjali, I., Hou, X., … Grikscheit, T. C. (2017). Neural Crest Cell Implantation Restores Enteric Nervous System Function and Alters the Gastrointestinal Transcriptome in Human Tissue-Engineered Small Intestine. Stem Cell Reports, 9(3), 883–896.

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Quick Biology NGS service promotion  

(1) New Customer Discount

Order your NGS service today and enjoy the first sample free library preparation discount (Promotion code# QBNEW) on your first order as a welcome gift from Quick Biology. 

(2) Tiered Discount 

Receive a tiered discount when you order the following amount of the SAME NGS service:

Quantity orders of 12-23:  $10 off per sample (Promotion code# 10OFF)

Quantity orders of 24 and more:  $15 off per sample (Promotion code# 15OFF)

Services include RNA-seq, WGS, WES, small RNA-seq, and ChIP-seq with library preparation and sequencing.

(3) Publications promotion 

We are happy to hear of our clients' success. If your paper has been published using any Quick Biology services, 

simply send your paper to, you will receive a $200 bonus on your next order with us!  

(4) Reference rewards

Quick Biology is committed to providing high-quality services to NGS community, we care our customer experience. You will get $100 reward on your next order for bringing a colleague to use our NGS service. Your colleagues will also get a $100 bonus for their order.

**Offers cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions offered by Quick Biology**

Current NGS pricing promotions end on August 31st, 2018

1. RNA sequencing for gene expression starting @ $270/sample (was $350):

  • Library preparation and QC

  • Sequencing with HiSeq 4000: 10M total reads, paired-end 2x150 bp

  • Requires a minimum of 12 samples; sample extraction and QC not included

2. Whole genome sequencing $1350/sample (was $1650, discount upon sample size):

  • Suitable for human WGS and WGBS

  • Library preparation and QC

  • Sequencing with HiSeq X Ten: 600M total reads, paired-end 2x150 bp, 30X coverage

3. Whole exome sequencing (50X), $475/sample  (was $550) 

  • Exome capture, library preparation, and QC 

  • Sequencing with HiSeq 4000:  paired-end 2x150 bp, ~50X coverage

  • Required a minimum of  8 samples

4. NGS sequencing per lane:

  • Hiseq 4000: $2400/lane (was $2950), PE 2x150 bp, ~600M reads, 90Gb

  • NextSeq 500 (High or Mid Output) for SE 75 bp, PE 2x75 bp, PE 2x150 bp, price starting from $1558/run

  • MiSeq v2 and v3 sequencing for PE 2x250, PE 2x300 bp, price starting from $585/run

5. Bioinformatics Analysis for NGS data: $170/sample (was $250/sample)