Microarray assays large amounts of biological material using high-throughput screening miniaturized, multiplexed, and parallel processing and detection methods. Microarray analysis is used in interpreting the data generated from experiments on DNA, RNA, and protein microarrays, which allow researchers to investigate the expression state of a large number of genes - in many cases, an organism's entire genome - in a single experiment.

Quick Biology offers bioinformatics service for microarray data:

        Basic analysis package for microarray data includes normalization, statistics, fold change histograms, volcano plots, a principal components analysis, and a clustering analysis.  

        Advanced analysis is optional on a per study basis. The analysis is performed such that an experienced biostatistician specializing in microarray data analysis actively interrogates the data and provides valid measures of gene regulation data and focus on the enhanced understanding of the biological implications of their study. The advanced analysis includes Gene Ontology, pathway enrichment, comparison of gene expression profiles with a reference database, predictive modeling, and biological interpretations. 

        All microarray platforms supported, including Agilent, Affymetrix, and Illumina.

Turnaround time:

About 1-4 weeks.

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